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Welcome to PFS Transportation Inc. Intermodal

PFS Transportation Inc. is an entrepreneurial and ambitious Intermodal Drayage Company based in Memphis, Tennessee with a second terminal in Dallas. The founders have a passion for intermodal transportation and the role it plays in the global economy. Our vision is to provide the best intermodal  drayage and transportation service to all our clients and to help them succeed.

Before dreaming about being the best in intermodal trucking company in transportation, the founders' experiences in the industry included: driving a big-rig, managing a shipping office, procuring supplies for the U.S. Navy, and providing financial services to small and mid-sized trucking companies.

The founders have also worked in lumber mills, banks, coffee shops, sleep clinics, and investment firms. These experiences are less important to transportation but add to our innovative spirit. All the founders have masters degrees. We are still trying to figure out how this has helped us in moving freight. But please....Relax. We have your freight.

Proud Supporter of MDA-Lock-Up

Proud Supporter of MDA Lock-Up

One of our employees Bryan Roberts is going to jail and needs your help. While it's not a real jail, it's even more important as he is raising bail to help children and adults with muscle disease in our community who are supported by the vital work of the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA). He wont be able to rely on good behavior to get out so that's why he needs your help - Please donate to bail him out! Just click on the donation button to make a secure donation - I know that together we'll Make a Muscle and Make a Difference in the fight against muscle disease. To Make a donation Click on the MDA Lock-Up Image

Intermodal News

  • [caption]A ship sails through Port Phillip Bay to the Port of Melbourne, the subject of the largest transportation merger and acquisition of the third quarter. Photo Credit: Port of Melbourne[/caption]Investor Group’s acquisition of Port of Melbourne Corp. for $7.3 billion was the largest of the mega-deals in the transport and...

  • [caption]Competition for cargo at the Los Angeles-Long Beach port complex, pictured, is especially fierce because of the large number of container terminals in the harbor.[/caption]Marine terminal engineer Larry Nye has drawn up plans for container facilities around the world, but when it comes to choosing his preference for a US...

  • [caption]Part of the $14.7 billion may go towards helping US ports reduce harmful emissions.[/caption]The recent and historic settlement between the US government and German automaker Volkswagen AG over the latter’s diesel emissions cheating scandal is a win not just for motorists but also US ports. As part of the $14.7 billion...

  • [caption]Saia has expansion on the mind despite a fall in LTL shipment volume in the third quarter.[/caption] Looking for a positive sign of economic growth? Multiregional less-than-truckload carrier Saia Wednesday said it plans to expand from its Southeastern base into the Northeast, opening three to five terminals in 2017 in Pennsylvania...

  • [caption]The intermodal yard at the Port of Baltimore, pictured, will come under new management by the end of the month.[/caption]Ports America Chesapeake at the end of the month will begin handling the management of the Port of Baltimore’s intermodal container transfer facility, a move aimed at boosting efficiency and productivity. CSX...

  • [caption]A consortium of five investment groups plans to buy Australia's Port of Melbourne, the country's largest container port.[/caption]NEW ORLEANS — Infrastructure funds are showing renewed interest in port public-private partnerships, including untraditional deals that finance harbor dredging or underwrite the purchase of entire ports. PPPs were a top discussion topic at...

  • [caption]Truckload revenue dropped 10.4 percent despite a 7.5 increase in truckload volume.[/caption]Plunging truckload rates proved a dead weight on profits at C.H. Robinson Worldwide in the third quarter, pulling down the logistics provider’s net income 7.5 percent year-over-year to $129 million. Quarterly truckload net revenue dropped 10.4 percent from a...

  • [caption]The fact Hanjin Shipping collapsed in a year in which three major container lines were folded into other competitors, which should have stabilized the market to a degree, has put the industry on edge.[/caption]COPENHAGEN — Anxiety over the staying power of container lines after the Hanjin Shipping collapse on Aug....

Gasoline and Diesel Prices

EIA: Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Update

U.S. Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Retail Prices Nationally and by Region. EIA logo
  • Summary Excerpt: Regular Gasoline Retail Price (Dollars per Gallon) 2.243 .. U.S. 2.232 ... East Coast 2.248 .... New England 2.274 .... Central Atlantic 2.196 .... Lower Atlantic 2.107 ... Midwest 2.056 ... Gulf Coast 2.286 ... Rocky Mountain 2.680 ... West Coast 2.476 ... West Coast less California States 2.798 .... California 2.160 .... Colorado 2.215 .... Florida 2.202 .... Massachusetts 2.124 .... Minnesota 2.332 .... New York 2.029 .... Ohio 2.050 .... Texas 2.698 .... Washington Cities 2.205 .... Boston 2.274 .... Chicago 2.023 .... Cleveland 2.141 .... Denver 2.003 .... Houston 2.845 .... Los Angeles 2.429 .... Miami 2.201 .... New York City 2.815 .... San Francisco 2.704 .... Seattle On-Highway Diesel Fuel Retail Price (Dollars per Gallon) 2.478 .. U.S. 2.468 ... East Coast 2.485 .... New England 2.581 .... Central Atlantic 2.378 .... Lower Atlantic 2.451 ... Midwest 2.353 ... Gulf Coast 2.550 ... Rocky Mountain 2.747 ... West Coast 2.645 ... West Coast less California 2.828 .... California

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